Presence And Strategic Use Of Self
November 28-30, 2017

Personal and professional mastery means that we are aware of what we evoke and are responsible for what we provoke.

Being present and leveraging the power of our presence will increase our influence. To be present we need to be aware of who we are; act choicefully in the moment; strengthen our capacity to influence and to inspire others; and nurture our ability to effectively intervene and influence a desired result. Skillful leveraging of presence requires excellent self management skills. Watch the video to learn more about what you will take away from this workshop.

This workshop draws from Gestalt foundations, and is designed to explore coaching presence and to develop a perceptive and strategic use of self that can make a difference in our personal and professional lives.

We offer a highly experiential, relational, and feedback-rich workshop that allows our participants to practice what they are learning in the observant, supportive company of equally committed peers and experienced Gestalt practitioners.

November 28-30, 2017

Tuition $1,700 includes HST (download the flyer)
Graduates of coach training programs: Ask about 10% scholarship reduction.
Location Downtown Toronto
Contact for registration and billing Martha Lannoch, Administrator, at info@dorothysiminovitch.com
Also visit: Gestalt Center for Coaching