Leadership Coaching & Facilitation

Coaching is a collaborative partnership between coach and client in service of the client’s attainment of goals that are desired or needed.

Dorothy developed the concept of Awareness Intelligence—Awareness IQ—as the core integrative competency for today’s leaders. Her Awareness IQ Coaching Model outlines key awareness skills and practices that leaders need to navigate modern challenges with agility, resilience, creativity, and impact.

The Awareness IQ Coaching Model supports:

  • Moments of awareness of self, others, environment, and situational contexts
  • Information that informs us how to  respond, in the moment, to provide what is wanted, needed, or missing
  • The ability to assess, access, and manage the energy of teams and groups
  • The capacity to inspire and motivate others toward a values-driven and viable vision
  • A process lens that allows the coach or leader to use themselves as a barometer to manage what is needed, wanted, or missing

Coach Training & Tools

New! Leadership Awareness Assessment Instrument: Awareness 20/20™:

  • Identifies and supports the articulation of Awareness IQ leadership skills and practices that enhance excellence
  • A quantitative method of assessing leaders’ current awareness skills and practices, enabling goal-setting for future development, which becomes the focal part of the coaching engagement
  • Integrates the strengths of the traditional 360° assessment with the added ROI benefits of a post-coaching 720° measurement

Gestalt Coaching Program in Istanbul:

  • An ICF Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP)
  • Teaches the theory and practice of coaching leadership and management using a Gestalt theoretical and conceptual orientation
  • Teaches an awareness process model that illuminates how we respond cognitively, behaviourally, emotionally, and socially
  • A full-immersion, experiential learning environment that supports developing and embodying the teachings
  • Multiple contextual lenses through which to design and target coaching interventions


Signature Workshops:

  • Presence and Use of Self
  • Gestalt GroupWorks: Group and Team Facilitation
  • Awareness IQ
  • Executive Presence



As a coach trainer, Dorothy offers:

  • Innovative training programs and workshops for individual and organizational clients in the profit and non-profit sectors
  • Training that is ICF-accredited as a program or able to receive CCEUs.
  • Creative experiential learning techniques that support both new and seasoned coaches

Author & Innovator

Dorothy is the author of A Gestalt Coaching Primer: The Path Toward Awareness IQ, a classic introduction to Gestalt coaching and its resonance and power for leadership and executive clients in today’s rapidly changing global environment. She defines her concept of Awareness IQ as an evolvement of Gestalt paradigms, models, and insights. A must-read for any leadership coach, whether familiar with Gestalt or not, whether novice or seasoned. Purchase the book here.

Read the British Gestalt Journal Review of A Gestalt Coaching Primer.

Coming in December 2018: “The Coach as Awareness Agent: A Process Approach” a chapter by Dorothy in Professional Coaching: Principles and Practice, edited by Susan English, Janice Manzi Sabatine, and Philip Brownell (Springer).

Coming soon: The Awareness 20/20™ Handbook – Dorothy’s in-depth discussion of the new leadership awareness instrument for executive coaches and their clients.

Gestalt Coaching Primer