The Cycle of Experience is a core Gestalt conceptual tool for tracking correspondence between awareness, choice, and self-responsible action. The Cycle models how needs and wants are ideally sensed, articulated, engaged with, acted upon, satisfied, and assimilated through meaning-making processes. Particularly when a change is needed or desired, successfully integrating internal and external reality requires moving “full circle” through the Cycle. The Cycle has 6 phases: Sensation, Awareness, Energy, Action, Contact, and Closure (or Withdrawal). When movement through the Cycle is blocked or interrupted, the client does not reach satisfaction or closure.

"Dorothy is a gifted teacher and coach who facilitates deep learning through behavioral science theory coupled with fun. She creates a positive and open environment making it easy for individuals and groups to explore and find their own answers. Her leadership, collaborative spirit and encouragement inspires strength, learning and change to occur."

— Joan Starkowsky, Executive Coach and Consultant Sirocco Coach-Consulting, LLC Past President Of Roadway Reverse Logistics, Inc