Although change is an inevitable part of life, people sometimes intentionally or unintentionally continue patterns of behavior that do not serve their desires or goals. Experiment is a masterful concept and structure that sets Gestalt-based coaching apart. Gestalt experiment allows the client to fully explore and experience existing behavior or to “try out” alternative behavior to see what new possibilities for choiceful action emerge. The power of Gestalt experiment lies in its challenging but “safe” learning boundaries—the coach guides the focus and process of the experiment, but the client is always a collaborative partner and incurs no professional consequences. Coach and client mutually agree on an issue that is significant for the client (a “figure of interest”) and mutually pursue a “what-if” exploration of that issue to determine new choices of perception and/or behavior. Experiment requires that the coach learn how to identify and work with the client's resistance(s) and to artfully assist the client to risk engagement with new learning. 

"I’ve studied with well known world teachers. Dorothy Siminovitch has become one of those important teachers in the world of Gestalt thinking, coaching, and system development. She supports thinking, teaching, and training in what matters for clients and training groups, and then becomes the embodiment of what she has taught others. I recommend her expertise to others, with gratitude for what she has inspired in my own development."

— Tuli Or, Coach and OD Consultant Israel