Gestalt Coaching is a present-focused approach that seeks to identify critical choice-points for action that exist “in the moment” but promise long-term effects. Gestalt coaching mastery requires an “awareness intelligence” (Awareness IQ™) that simultaneously—intuitively and accurately—tracks both self-awareness and client awareness throughout the coaching encounter, and enables the coach to be ready in-that-moment to offer the meaningful observation or intervention that moves the client forward. 

A Gestalt coach brings the gift of an integrated presence to the coaching encounter, wherein expression, behavior, and use of self are aligned with core values and with full access to cognitive and emotional life. The coach’s presence empowers clients to share their interior, and to have the experience of being heard through the avowed premise that they are already healthy, whole, and resourceful.

A Gestalt coach supports clients’ capacity to accurately scan and assess their internal and external environments, gather data, and make sense of that data in order to heighten their awareness, expand their choices, and take confident and productive action.

A Gestalt coach’s “use of self” (the intentional leverage of presence) in the coaching encounter is primarily guided by the conceptual process models of the Cycle of Experience and the Unit of Work. The coach continually references the Cycle as an awareness tracking lens to determine available energy to shape coherent Units of Work.


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"As a consultant, educator and facilitator, I am always inspired by Dorothy’s intuition , skill and her attention to the tiniest details in the moment. She spontaneously uses what the moment brings as a teaching point and creates a culture of constant learning. There is a lot more to learn from her wisdom. I always look forward to having new opportunities to meet Dorothy and learn from her. Just tell me the location... I’ll buy my ticket!"

— Zeynep Evgin Eryilmaz, PCC, EGCP Faculty, Coach, Consultant, and Facilitator Istanbul, Turkey