Dorothy E. Siminovitch, PhD, MCC

Coaching Service: Providing a presence to support clients to do the work that is needed and wanted

  • “Dorothy is a master — elegant, simple, provocative, deep and fully present to the moment and the opportunities at hand. Our leadership team gathers for a retreat and new learning each winter and last year we spent two magical days with Dorothy. Each leader on the team spends so much time teaching, coaching and consulting with individuals, teams, and larger scale organizations — the power of our presence in the months to come was profoundly impacted through our work with Dorothy — what a gift to any leader!”

    —Pam McLean, PhD, CEO, The Hudson Institute of Santa Barbara

  • “Dorothy’s presence transformed yet another repetitious day of mediocre slides and accepted wisdoms – to one of thought provocation, engaging purpose and inspiring hope.”

    —Peter Fisk – The Genius Works /

  • “I worked with Dorothy when she facilitated a group for Management Center Turkey. At the time I was providing personal development services for their faculty team and we all came together to do some group work with Dorothy. I have to say that Dorothy’s skill at holding a group, facilitating their journey through areas of both business and personal lives and gently, yet firmly, moving everyone forward was nothing short of awesome. As an NLP Trainer, I’m used to elegant language and building effective relationships with groups – this lady is a true Master of both. What can I say? If you ever get the chance to work with Dorothy, grab it with both hands – in fact, I strongly urge people to MAKE the chance to work with her. You will never regret one minute of it!”

    —Ralph Watson, Founder and Principal Consultant / Dynamic Communication Ltd

  • “To spend time with Dorothy is to give yourself the gift of time with a warm, deeply caring, honest and direct person. She’ll gently push buttons no one has pushed before in you, building awareness of your most pernicious patterns, then hold and support you while you work yourself out of your own way. Dorothy uses her mastery of these gifts and skills in many venues: as an executive coach, organization development faculty member and consultant/practitioner.”

    —Mark Hollern, Organization Development Consultant

  • “I was expecting an ordinary training workshop. It was not … This workshop has given me the power to [make] contact with myself, and more than that, the power to change myself.”

    —Didem TEKAY, OD & Talent Management, Management Center Turkey

  • “As a consultant, educator and facilitator, I am always inspired by Dorothy’s intuition , skill and her attention to the tiniest details in the moment. She spontaneously uses what the moment brings as a teaching point and creates a culture of constant learning. There is a lot more to learn from her wisdom. I always look forward to having new opportunities to meet Dorothy and learn from her. Just tell me the location, I’ll buy my ticket!”

    —Zeynep Evgin Eryilmaz, PCC, EGCP Faculty, Coach, Consultant, and Facilitator, Istanbul, Turkey

  • “Dorothy is a deep well of knowledge and experience, leaving you yearning for more. For Dorothy it is not about her – but all about you. Dorothy makes you feel honored and dignified in her presence and her unique cultural background enriches your experience as she shares herself with you. Dorothy you are a rare gem.”

    —Belinda Maclachlan, Face2Face, Transition Coaching & Strategy Facilitation, South Africa

  • “Dorothy has had a positive impact on my life. She brings a style, grace and competence as a coach, and the spirit of ‘being of service’ to making the world a better place. I felt myself grow and mature in her presence and look forward to more development experiences with her.”

    —Brian Buckley, Mindful Leadership Consulting

  • “Dorothy is a gifted teacher and coach who facilitates deep learning through behavioral science theory coupled with fun. She creates a positive and open environment making it easy for individuals and groups to explore and find their own answers. Her leadership, collaborative spirit and encouragement inspires strength, learning and change to occur.”

    —Joan Starkowsky, Executive Coach and Consultant, Sirocco Coach-Consulting, LLC

  • “I’ve studied with well known world teachers. Dorothy Siminovitch has become one of those important teachers in the world of Gestalt thinking, coaching, and system development. She supports thinking, teaching, and training in what matters for clients and training groups, and then becomes the embodiment of what she has taught others. I recommend her expertise to others, with gratitude for what she has inspired in my own development.”

    ——Tuli Or, Coach and OD Consultant, Israel

Dorothy E. Siminovitch, PhD, MCC is an international leadership, team, and organizational coach, mentor coach, speaker, and author. Her specialties are assisting peak performance, mobilization toward innovation, enhancing one’s signature presence, teaching competencies for group leadership, and supporting practices that develop personal mastery. Dorothy promotes optimism as the essential, professional mindset for success. She uses Gestalt theory and awareness process tools to support personal and professional development at the individual, group, and organizational levels. Additional best practices from neuroscience and mindfulness are used to help executive clients find greater creativity and resilience, and to foster a grounded presence and more choice-full use of self. As a pioneer in Gestalt coaching, Dorothy has served on professional coaching boards, which called for her stewardship by inviting her knowledge of excellence in teaching and ethical practice. In 2017, Dorothy published A Gestalt Coaching Primer: The Path Toward Awareness IQ (available on Amazon). She is co-author of the Awareness 20/20™ leadership awareness development instrument.

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Dorothy demonstrates the range, relevance, and power of Gestalt core concepts, models, and practices for coaches, consultants and leaders facing the challenges of today's complex, ever-shifting environments. The elusive but essential concepts of awareness, presence, and strategic use of self are clearly explained and illustrated, supporting readers on a journey to personal and professional mastery. All coaches, whether experienced or novice, will find a wealth of knowledge and wisdom to draw from.


To provide excellent and transformative Gestalt-based coaching and consulting services to individuals, teams and organizations.

To provide world-class training in and human development through Gestalt-based coaching and group leadership.

To create a cross-cultural and broad-based forum for conversation with outstanding leaders in coaching, consulting, and Gestalt theory development.






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