Meet Dorothy


“She represents the strength and wisdom that gives me trust in the process, and the comfort to face the challenges.”

Dorothy is perhaps best known by colleagues, clients, students, and presentation participants as someone whose inviting warmth inspires trust, intimacy, and hope. Engaging and observant, she practices her passionate commitment to being aware in the moment, to bringing her transformational presence to bear in every encounter, and to perceiving and offering new possibilities and choices. In her most recent book, A Gestalt Coaching Primer: The Path Toward Awareness IQ, Dorothy identifies masterful use of self as being able to discern what clients need in the moment, to support exploration of their wants and needs, and to assist clients in self-determining their possible courses of action. 

When you work with Dorothy, you will:
  • Learn experientially. Experiential learning, to be effective, is attuned to your particular ways of seeing the world and making meaning of it. Dorothy keeps clients focused on whatever emerges in the moment because, however hidden or obscured, this is the data that connects immediately and at a gut level to both short- and long-term challenges. Using what occurs in the moment allows for the exploration and experimentation with new possibilities.
  • Identify your own goals to guide your change and development processes. Clients need to be invested in outcomes that have personal resonance and emotional commitment. Dorothy assists clients to recognize and articulate the goals most important to them, and supports them to move forward on those goals to achieve what they have envisioned.
  • Understand your resistances to change. Habitual behavior and response patterns often become unconscious and prevent us from acknowledging a need for change or from enacting a change we consciously desire. These patterns often once served a positive function, but have since become obstructive. Dorothy works with clients to surface unaware resistances and to co-create experiments with alternative perceptions and behaviors that liberate clients to see new possibilities and new outcomes.
  • Recognize moments of awareness that can lead to deep knowing and transformational change. Awareness is in itself a catalyst for change. When we work on cultivating our awareness, extraordinary opportunities and possibilities are opened to us. Dorothy’s clients are engaged and supported to be in the moment, and to pay attention to the somatic and internal feedback data that informs their responses. Awareness gives us knowledge that is not otherwise be accessed.
  • How to engage with small projects that reap big outcomes, and how to engage with large projects through manageable small steps. Here are some comments by Dorothy’s students and clients that illustrate her ability to discern their challenges and learning edges:
    • “How Dorothy mirrors me is amazing – I am then amazed with my learning.”
    • “She represents the strength and wisdom that gives me trust in the process, and the comfort to face the challenges.”
    • “Words may not be enough to articulate her wisdom, and in the department of understanding the feelings of people, how impactful she is. Her passion for her work impressed me.”
    • “Miracles happen with her.”